Noise Cancellers – RFI Survival Guide

Today we received this nice correspondence from John Fallows VE6EY. Please take a moment to review his message. It may prove to be very useful to you.

“Earlier this year, I published a series of articles on my web site called “Noise Cancellers – RFI Survival Guide”. The purpose of this information was to help hams and shortwave listeners lower their local HF noise floor and improve reception.


RFI from neighbors is a constant challenge.  Properly set up, noise cancellers are amazingly effective in cleaning up or reducing RFI. Sucesss depends on understanding what kind of noise you can fight, how noise cancellers work, and most important, designing and installing noise probe antennas around your location. This five-article series does just that. It also includes a detailed video demonstrating effective noise cancellation.


Please take a moment to review these articles. If you find them to be useful, please consider passing these along to your members or contacts.


You can use these articles by linking to them on your web site, Twitter feed, Facebook page or by e-mail. The URL is:


Thanks for your consideration. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me.”

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