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Past President, Bob Schenck N2OO, Provides New Evidence to Investigators of the Hindenburg Disaster - (Posted: 05/21/2021)

Not to long ago Bob Schenck, N2OO was at a memorial service for the Hindenburg disaster. He approached Dan Grossman, a renowned expert on airships, and mentioned that he had a film of the disaster his Uncle Harold Schenck had taken when it happened. His uncle had offered the film up at the time but no one seemed interested so it was actually a surprise when Dan Grossman jumped all over the opportunity to view the film.

This film showed the disaster from a totally different angle than all the news footage had shown. With the help of this footage and experts around the world a new investigation was started on how the Hindenburg actually exploded and many questions appear to finally be answered.

NOVA, a documentary series by PBS TV, just aired the story on Wednesday evening at 9pm. It can still be viewed from the PBS TV web page at https://www.pbs.org/show/nova/

Urb LeJeune - Silent Key - (Posted: 01/27/2021)

The Old Barney Amateur Radio Club is saddened to annouce that one of their long time members, Urb LeJeune, became a silent key last Friday, Jan. 22nd. 

Urb was a lifelong educator and worked hard to help anyone interested to obtain their amateur radio license. Urb was also a very active VE with several teams throughout the state of NJ.

Urb was a charter member of the NJDXA and was also a member of several other amateur radio groups.

Urb touched many lives in the amateur community and will be missed by all who knew him.


Welcome to 2021! - (Posted: 01/02/2021)

The Executive Board of the Old Barney Amateur Radio Club would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! 

The 2021 Executive Board:

  • Rick Kennard, N2RPQ - President
  • John Sawina, NA2R - Vice President
  • Ross Lambert, W2TT - Secretary
  • Mike Libonati, WA2ACV - Treasurer
  • Tom Preiser, N2XW - Trustee
  • Frank Piccolo, N2HWL - Trustee
  • Jim Neufell, K2GMT -Trustee

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