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Old Barney Receives Grant to Help Support Southern Regional HS Radio Club - (Posted: 02/05/2023)

The Old Barney Amateur Radio Club was recently awarded a grant from the ARRL which will be used to further the Southern Regional HS Amateur Radio Club’s activities in promoting amateur radio to their students.

In 2022 the ARRL Foundation announced it would be accepting applications for grants. The Foundation recognized that “Clubs historically have recruited, licensed and trained new radio amateurs and have provided the community setting for radio amateurs to continue their education and training.”

The purpose of these grants was to provide money “enabling them [clubs] to more easily provide and expand on these important services.”

After this program was announced Tom Preiser, N2XW saw the opportunity to use such a grant towards the Southern Regional HS club, which Old Barney has been supporting through the generosity of our members, to teach the students what amateur radio is all about.

The grant application process required a narrative, milestones to be met if the grant was awarded and a proposed budget.

Working with Ira Hosid, N2WAA who is the liaison to the HS club on behalf of Old Barney they developed a plan on how a grant could be used for this purpose.

Ira put together a learning plan for the club with specific objectives to be accomplished during their after school meetings.

Once the plan was completed specific milestones were created and the application process was started. The milestones included (but not limited ):

· Teaching students the basics of amateur radio operation

· Teaching the importance of serving the community with amateur radio

· Teaching the FCC rules and regulations pertaining to amateur radio

· Preparing students to pass the FCC license exam

· Expanding on the various modes of operation amateur radio offers

· Getting students involved in amateur radio events

· Teaching students basics of electronics

· Responsibility of representing the amateur radio community at all levels

· Use of amateur radio for emergency communications

The proposal expands on these goals and includes a lot more information on how they will be accomplished, how the grant will further STEM education, estimates of students involved, benefits of performing such a program and much more. To read the entire proposal that was submitted to the ARRL Foundation by Tom on the behalf of the Old Barney Amateur Radio Club, click here.

After the application was submitted it was reviewed by the ARRL Foundation team and in December we were advised that we were receiving the grant. The grant and the funds associated with it were awarded to the Old Barney Amateur Radio Club. We will provide the equipment and personnel needed to carry out the goals we proposed.

Just prior to our January monthly meeting, Tom along with Rick Kennard, N2RPQ and Ira met with Cheryl Conley, W1CLC the SRHS teacher who heads the club program and Cassidy DeMasi the current SRHSARC president. At that time we informed them of the grant we received and together we formed a committee to follow out the implementation of the proposals. The committee, headed by Tom, will provide oversight to make sure all the grant rules are adhered to and proper documentation is maintained.

The HS club was very excited to learn about the grant and the opportunities it will afford them. Both the school’s principal and superintendent have visited the club during its last meeting and also expressed their support for the club and their appreciation to Old Barney for helping to foster such a great learning environment for their students to get to know amateur radio.

The Old Barney Amateur Radio Club deeply appreciates the ARRL Foundation for making these grants available and truly believes this type of program will go a long way to keep amateur radio alive for years to come.


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