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Field Day Traditions 1975-2019 - (Posted: 08/04/2019)

Down to the last seconds... - (Posted: 06/26/2019)

Field day is over. What a couple of days! I was working 20 meters as the end of field day was approaching. I thought I was done and then at 1359 hrs and 58 seconds I had a contact. Just a fun ending to a fun event. 

Bob, N2OO did an excellent job (as always) orchestrating another field day event. The use of the WYRS site this year seems to have worked out well. Ira, our new chief chef, and Mike, our hot dog vendor, kept the staff well fed. 

I got to spend most of the day there Sunday and enjoyed every minute of it. Rotating on and off of the 20 meter rig, working on some web site work, and helping the chefs out by eating the food (hey someone has to taste it)! It is always a pleasure working with all of you. I always find myself learning each time I am at an event. 

I know there was some concern prior to the event of how many members would be able to make the event. That proved to be not even a factor. Friday yielded 14 members, Sat 25 & Sunday 12. Thank you all for being there. I know Bob and the board appreciate everyone helping out.

I'm sure there are a lot more things that can be addressed and will be when the official review of field day is presented. The purpose of this piece was just to say thanks! Photos will be coming soon. Keep an eye on the web page for the new gallery page of photos that is being developed.


Rick, N2RPQ

OBARC changes location of Field Day for 2019 - (Posted: 06/05/2019)

At last night's Old Barney club meeting it was decided to make a change to our field day location for 2019.

WYRS has graciously offered their grounds to conduct field day at and we have decided to accept that offer. This will aide in increasing the ease of locating all the equipment we use during the day.

The new site is located at the end of Murphy Drive in West Creek.

If anyone should need more information please contact our field day chairman Bob Schenck, N2OO via email at n2oo@arrl.net.

Murray Goldberg, KD2IN - Silent Key - (Posted: 05/31/2019)

On Monday, May 27, 2019, Murray Goldberg, KD2IN became a silent key. Murray was a former OBARC member and a good friend to OBARC over the years.

Murray was also instrumental in ARES over the years

Rest in peace Murray!